Privacy policy
1. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter- Privacy Policy) determines the Administrator's obligations to nondisclosure and providing protection of personal data confidentiality, which a User provides by the Administration request when registering on the Website (hereinafter — the Website).

Privacy Policy refers to all information that the Website can collect about a User while the Service using. Registering on this Website a User consents to all terms of Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy may be modified by the Administration without preliminary notice. The current Privacy Policy can always be found at

2. User's personal data

When signing up to the notification list a User provides the Administration with personal data including name, and e-mail address. Administrator must not share this data with anyone.

3. Personal Data Use

The Administration may use provided Personal Data to:

a) Send a notification e-mail provided by a User about the release of the game.

User's personal data processing is legally conducted without time limitation with the help of information system, using automated means or without them.

The Website Administration takes all necessary technical and organizational precautions to protect User's personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, deletion or alteration, blocking, copying, disclosure or other unauthorized actions of third parties. In case of loss or disclosure of User's personal data the Administration notices the User about the fact of his personal data loss or disclosure.

4. User's obligations

A User undertakes to provide his personal data and keep it in current condition.

5. Administration obligations

The Administration undertakes to:

a) Use provided information exclusively for the purposes from the Clause 3 of the present Privacy Policy;
b) Provide storage of personal data confidential, not to disclosure User's personal data without the prior written permission of a User, not to sell, exchange, publish or disclosure it by any other means, except for the ones indicated in Clause 2 of the present Privacy Policy.
c) Take precautions to protect confidentiality of User's personal information according to standard procedures.
d) Block personal data of a User immediately after request receipt from the User or his legal representative or competent authority for the protection of subjects' personal data for the period of checking, in case of invalid data or unauthorized actions detected.
The administration may share User's personal data with an authority of corresponding jurisdiction only on the grounds and in the procedure according to legislation of Russian Federation.

6. Liabilities of the Parties

In case of failure to perform obligations, the Administration accepts liability for any losses incurred by a User as a result of unauthorized use of his personal data in accordance with Russian Federation legislation, except for the cases when personal data:

a) Was shared with authorities of corresponding jurisdiction;
b) Was disclosed by the third party after it was shared by the Administration, with User's consent;
c) Became public before its loss or disclosure;
d) Had been received from the third party before it was provided to the Administration;
e) Was disclosed with User's consent;
f) Was disclosed as a result of force majeure event.
Privacy policy
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